The Case of the Crooked Campaign

The Case of the Crooked CampaignThe Case of the Crooked Campaign (Milo and Jazz Mysteries series; #9).  Written by Lewis B. Montgomery.  Illustrated by Amy Wummer.  Kane Press, Inc., 2012.  112 pages.  Publisher recommends for ages 7-11.  ISBN: 9781575654362 paperback, 9781575654355 library binding, 9781575654379 Ebook.

Jazz is running for president of her school.  Her opponent is Zack, one of the “cool” kids. She’s also pet sitting a parrot for a friend who’s away on a family vacation.  Milo, Jazz’s best friend, isn’t crazy about the parrot, or about going to campaign meetings at Jazz’s house if it means being harassed by the parrot.  Jazz assures Milo that the parrot will be upstairs in its cage, and she’ll listen for it using a baby monitor.

Several kids come to the first campaign meeting at Jazz’s house.  One of the kids brings a poster and the group agrees it should be hung the next day. But within minutes of being hung it is sabotaged. The same thing happens the next day. Milo and Jazz get busy and figure out who the saboteur is and how the saboteur is getting information about Jazz’s campaign meetings.

The book moves along at a rapid pace. It does a nice job of showing how people work together on a political campaign.  Besides that, it makes clear that a candidate must have good ideas.  And of course, the book indicates that dirty tricks are something a person running for office must always look out for.

The illustrations echo the story, and add a touch of humor.

The Case of the Crooked Campaign is a fun way to learn something about politics while also watching Jazz and Milo solve a mystery perpetrated by some sneaky villains.


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