White House Autumn (President’s Daughter Series)

White House Autumn by Ellen Emerson White.  Feiwel & Friends, July 2008.  240 pages. Publisher recommends for ages 12 and up.  President’s Daughter series #2.  Originally published in 1985.  ISBN: 9780312374891.

Meg Powers’ story continues as she becomes more comfortable living in the White House.  She finds friends at her high school, including a boyfriend named Josh.  In her family’s first fall in the White House, Meg’s mother, the president, is attacked in an assassination attempt.

As Meg’s mother fights for her life, and then fights to conduct presidential business even in the hospital, Meg struggles with fear for her mother, with anger towards her mother for being a public figure, and with her own tendency to push people away, especially at times of crisis.

Like its predecessor, this book is fast-paced. Meg grows a great deal in the course of the book and Ellen Emerson White captures that growth beautifully.

White also makes it possible for the reader to step into Meg’s life and imagine that he or she is the daughter of the President of the United States.  It’s quite a fantasy for anyone interested in politics on the presidential level.


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